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Stair Lifts For The Elderly

Are you getting along in age and yet refuse to move into a nursing home? Do you have to navigate more than one flight of stairs to get around the house? Have you suffered from polio and have problems walking up and down the usual staircase? If so, you should consider having a safer alternative to the regular stairs installed in your home. This will minimize your chances of falling and breaking your bones in the process. There are a number of stair lift for seniors in the market today, and all can be modified to suit your needs.

What Are Stair Lifts?

Stair Lift Prices

Stair lifts are devices that are useful for elderly people who rely on wheelchairs to get around or for those older individuals who make use of a cane or walker. This device provides the elderly individual with a safe way to navigate through different floors. They are available in varying lengths, designs and sizes and can be custom-made to fit your home’s specifications.

By investing in a stair lift, your elderly parent or relative is less likely to suffer a fall which is common when older individuals attempt to navigate up and down regular stairways. They come with a joystick and buttons which makes it easier to operate. Imagine having the freedom and the independence to move around your own home without the need for further assistance. That is why it would be best to invest in stair lifts for the elderly and even for younger family members that have medical conditions, be it permanent or temporary which requires them to take extra care.

Stair lists usually employ an electric motor and a track system. Sometimes termed as a stair chair, stair lifts are fitted to suit the individual who requires it. Care should be exercised upon getting one made. The model must meet every specification. The user must be checked for the following:

  1. Can the user lift his or her feet to step height?
  2. Is the user right or left handed?
  3. Can he or she get out of a chair at the usual height?

Should there be power failure most stair lifts for elderly have built-in power. The back-up batteries ensure that the person riding will not be stuck between floors. There are many models and each can be customized to fit your home best. Most is not all of the modern stair lifts are quiet and easy to control by means of a button or joystick.

Types of Stair Lifts

Straight Rail Stair Lifts

These types are used in private homes that have straight stairs and therefore a straight rail track attached to the staircase steps. They are easier to install and manufacture as this model requires less customization. These types are usually cheaper than any other model because they are the most common.

Curved Rail Stair Lifts

Since these require extra fabrication time due to customizations needed to fit the curvature of the stair case, they are more costly. The manufacturer will have to calculate the curvature and create a model that descends and ascends at a safe angle.

Outdoor Stair Lifts

These are similar to the indoor versions but with the added weather-proofing.


By investing in stair lifts, your elderly relative or parent can enjoy the ease of getting around without the worry of falling and getting hurt. This is why stair lifts are a popular investment in residences with elderly individuals who value their longevity.